sexta-feira, junho 22, 2012

A JEF Europa está a organizar um curso sobre comunicação e jornalismo que pode ser muito útil. Inscrevam-se!

Mais informações....JEF Europe

JEF-Europe’s Working Group Visibility and the editorial board of have combined forces to offer you a four-day training on JEF communication practices, visibility and journalism.

All JEFers interested and/or involved in these areas, are invited to join us in the great 'Destelheide formation center' in Dworp (near Brussels) to discuss the visibility of both JEF-Europe as the member organisations.
Topics to be discussed are the following:

■How can the new webpage, which is in the making, serve the communication needs of our organisation? How can we enforce our internal communication, bottom-up and top-down?

■How can do create a Pan-European communication campaign?

■How can we strengthen the visual identity of JEF?

■How can we reach out to the media? And to other valuable partners?

■How do we integrate our different communication channels?

■How can we promote the brand ‘JEF’ better?

■How can we attract more visitors to our website(s)?

■How do we write better articles for TNF?

■How can we get more audience for the articles written by JEF activists?

■How can we stimulate online debate on Federalist issues?

■What is the use of a communication strategy and a communication work plan?

Experts from partner organisations will give us concrete advice on how we can communicate our message(s) better. The focus will be on the exchange of best practices between the different sections present. The Training Days aim to kick of a network of JEF-communicators that will act as multipliers in their home sections. They will also be a great tool for capacity-building.

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